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Make no mistake about it, there is still a terrorist threat out there. Luckily, so far most attempts to inflict death and destruction on a big scale have been foiled by watchful authorities.

As is the case with New York’s Times Square, which was at the center of a car bomb scare on Saturday (May 1) evening.

After being alerted by a T-shirt vendor, police found a vehicle packed with propane tanks, fireworks, gasoline and two detonators described as “amateurish.”

The area was evacuated, and no one was hurt. However, that’s only because the homemade bomb failed to work. Authorities claim the detonation had begun but malfunctioned, thankfully.

This is another reminder, if one were needed, to be watchful, especially in big cities around the world. There are, sadly, those out there who want to kill and maim entirely innocent people.

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