Top 20 Steve Urkel Moments (Video) | Hilarious Clips From ‘Family Matters’

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Remember that 90’s sitcom Family Matters? You know, the funny show with the geek who couldn’t get a girl to save his life and was a constant klutz? If not, you’re still in for a real treat.

Here’s Urkel’s top 20 moments from the show. Why 20? Because 10 isn’t good enough for TV’s funniest geek of all time.

Urkel was always funny to me as a kid, but I always shy away from the show when I see re-runs on TV. Most of my childhood TV favorites are no longer funny to me and I automatically assumed Family Matters would be the same. Boy, was I wrong!

I never realized how talented he really is. The Bruce Lee bit at the end (#2) is just jaw-dropping! People just don’t hurt themselves in sitcoms anymore like they used to.

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