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Top 5 Hilarious Farting Preacher Videos | A Funny Collection of Evangelists’ Holy Pants

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Top 5 Hilarious Farting Preacher Videos | A Funny Collection of Evangelists’ Holy Pants

The Original Farting Preacher

Maybe you’ve heard of Reverend Robert Tilton. Or maybe you’re normal. He’s the original farting preacher known for his… “expressions of passion”.

Years ago, an 80’s TV appearance of his was uploaded to the internet, only it was overdubbed with farting sound effects. At just the right moments, sounds of flatulence kicked in, producing a clip that was not only hilarious, but just pure genius.

When the Reverend found out, he threatened a lawsuit and forced the uploader to take down his video. But of course, by then it was too late. The video was spread all over the internet as most internet phenomenons are.

The original clip spawned numerous off-chutes, some better than others; and as a result, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 funniest farting preacher videos:

The Original Farting Preacher (Heaven Only Knows)

Here it is, the clip that started it all. The quality may not be up to par, but that’s because this was ripped from a VHS tape circulating in 1985. Word on the street is that the the tape was titled “Pastor Gas”.

Miss Farting Preacher

As the saying goes, “Behind every good man, there is a greater woman.” She really is “Cute sassy and gassy!” Honestly, I think she does it better.

Farting Preacher 2: Fart Harder

Here we have the sequel to the original. Judging from the quality, it was most likely done by the same people as Farting Preacher 1 and ripped around the same time.

A Screaming and Farting Preacher

As if farting wasn’t enough, this man had to bring in random screams. I find it hilarious when he gets a caller that doesn’t seem to feel “it”, or whatever “it” is that makes him scream for no apparent reason.

Farting Preacher 5 (The Most Popular)

If you’ve ever seen a farting preacher video before, then it was most likely this one. It was the last of the series to be removed off YouTube and therefore received the most views.

So the next time you’re flipping channels and come across a preacher, just think of these clips and you’ll have a little chuckle. Oh, and don’t forget to thank Jesus.

Can you say Amen?

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