Top 5 Sexiest Video Game Character Videos

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Top 5 Sexiest Video Game Character Videos MatureI play lots of video games, there, I’ve outed myself. And there’s nothing better while playing games than to have a sexy female character on screen doing your bidding. Some of them are strong, killing machines with a glint in their eye, others are just downright dirty bitches.

Over the years my gaming obsession has put me on contact (at least virtually) with a whole host of pixelated beauties and here, for your viewing pleasure are videos of my Top 5 Sexiest Video Game Characters.

Enjoy, and at the end of the list, remember to put your eyes back in your head.

Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark the game may not have been the great follow up to Goldeneye we all wanted from Rare, but at least Joanna Dark was a bit easier on the eye than James Bond’s virtual double. Whether it’s the tight jumpsuit she wears or the way she dispatches with her enemies, I’m not sure, but I definitely would.

Rayne – Bloodrayne

Rayne is one sexy woman. Okay, shes a half vampire, half human hybrid with a nice line in biting the crap out of people but she’s hot nonetheless. Before an encounter with her, I’d probably get her to blunt her teeth a bit, as I don’t really fancy being her next meal… well actually it depends what she’s eating I suppose.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

You knew she was going to be here, you just didn’t know where. Okay, she’s old hat now, having just celebrated her tenth anniversary but that doesn’t mean she’s any less sexy as she swings about in her shortest of short shorts. Renowned for her breast size increasing every game, it’s actually the face I fell for… maybe.

Samus Aran – Metroid

Now we’re talking. The cybernetic suit wearing bounty hunter from the Metroid series could have her way with me any day. Let’s be honest here, the only reason I played through the original game was to see her in all her glory. How anyone can imagine she’s a guy is beyond me… have you seen those marathon runners legs?

Dead Or Alive Girls

And last but not least we have the girls from Dead Or Alive. This video features the best looking girls pole dancing. Let’s admit it, we’ve all got a favourite, be it Christie, Hitomi or Kasume, they’re all as sexy as hell. The only problem being, they’d all kick your asses if you tried it on with them. Much safer to watch from a distance!

Video game girls may not be real but man they are sexy, you can’t deny that after watching these videos. I’m not Japanese so I don’t either have posters of them on my wall, or go to conventions dressed up as them, but I do enjoy games more if they have a nice looking woman in it. Sexist? Maybe, so sue me.

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