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Train Vs Flood Video | Man Overcomes Nature

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Train Vs Flood Video | Man Overcomes Nature

Nature can obviously be a very powerful and scary voice. I’m thinking earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. However, man and machine can sometimes overcome nature. And it’s awesome to watch.

Having already documented a train clearing snow in a spectacular show of engineering winning out over nature, it’s now time to see what happens if it’s train vs. flood instead of train vs. snow.

This footage was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it shows a train continuing on its journey despite the presence of a massive flood up ahead. While the people shield their faces, the train carries on through, creating its own mini-tsunami as it does so.

As well as the wall of water looking awesome, I particularly like the way the pedestrians take the whole thing in their stride, stopping momentarily before continuing on their journey. I guess this is a regular occurrence.

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