Whoever told her she looked good in this dress, and that it was appropriate for a senior prom, was surely saying what she wanted to hear. Much like all those American Idol hopefuls whose mom’s told them they could sing, but the rest of America would beg to differ.

Not only is this homemade prom dress not attractive at all, but it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination either. Her mom doesn’t mind her walking out like this?

I’m not old, nor do I consider myself old fashioned, but this dress is way too much for a young lady to wear. I’d expect someone like Britney Spears to wear something like that on stage, but certainly the rest of us are more sane and self-respecting than that.

Apparently I am wrong in my assumptions, but it doesn’t surprise me that she made such a scene about it that they had to escort her away in handcuffs. Now that is a prom to remember.

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