TSA Groping Kids Video | Is This Appropriate?

33 sec read

This video shows a six-year-old girl being patted down by a TSA officer. And it’s a little uncomfortable to watch, if I’m honest.

Airport security has been ramped up of late, especially in the U.S. But many people dislike some of the methods being employed.

I personally feel the full-body scanners are fine. The fears over radiation exposure are mostly unfounded unless you’re flying every single week of the year. And pat-downs on adults? They’re fine, especially if they keep us all safe in the air.

However, patting down a six-year-old seems extreme. Was she exhibiting signs of being a terrorist with an intent to carry a bomb onto the plane? I doubt it, somehow.

The TSA lady was just doing her job, and doesn’t deserve criticism. She does everything by the book and in a way to limit the trauma for the little girl. But that doesn’t mean the policy is a good one.

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