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Turkey Quesadilla’s With Napoleon Dynamite | Gobble Gobble

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Turkey Quesadilla’s With Napoleon Dynamite | Gobble Gobble

So Thanksgiving is this strange American holiday where every American takes it to heart to gorge out on turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, all in celebration of an illusive dinner that may not be the first.

I have to admit I like having the excuse to eat pumpkin pie, but understanding that not everyone celebrates this strange holiday, here is a video of Napoleon Dynamite making turkey quesadillas. Finally, something else to do with those leftovers.

Never had a quesadilla? This strange cross-over includes the mexican favorite with pumpkin pie. I love how he pronounces the double “l” is the words quesadilla and tortilla.

Have fun making Thanksgiving Napoleon Dynamite style. Gobble gobble!

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