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Tyler's Ride

Jewish rock singer Jeremy Camp, along with Grant Alan, Natalie Wachen and Ker’in Hayden are starring in a new web series called ‘Tyler’s Ride.’

Production wise, it’s excellent. Acting wise, it’s pretty good; if you’re into those teen soap operas.

Set to premiere sometime this April (rumors say the 23rd), ‘Tyler’s Ride’ is the story of a spoiled 23 year-old that gets his credit card taken away and kicked out of the house by his dad on his birthday. After realizing the reality of his situation, he stumbles upon a musician named Jesse (played by Jeremy) who guides him.

The series is produced by Paulist Productions (the same people behind the TV movie Stigmata ) and is aimed for the same target audience as online teen shows like Quarterlife and Prom Queen.

Tyler’s Ride Trailer

This is the trailer for the upcoming series. Personally, I could easily picture this show on the CW network. Aside from this promo, the official website is bare.

[Tyler’s Ride Website]

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