There has been another UFO sighting above a Chinese airport, making it eight that we know of (and possibly more that we don’t) this year alone. What the hell is going on?

The latest sighting took place on Sept. 11, but is only now just becoming public knowledge in the wider world. This followed on from a similar sighting in July which was also widely reported on outside of China.

The obvious conclusion is that these are extraterrestrial craft visiting Earth, although why they’d continually choose China is a mystery. And that’s even before you get into the debate as to whether these things exist or not.

Those who don’t think that this is either illuminated kites or secret military craft being tested in secret. Though if the latter is true then they’re failing with the ‘secret’ part of the operation.

The fact there have been eight already in 2010 suggest there’ll be more. And maybe over time an explanation will present itself.

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