Ultimate High Speed Chase Video: M-60 Tank vs. the Police

32 sec read

This is the ultimate high speed chase. A disgruntled war veteran broke into an M-60 Patton tank from the National Guard Armory in Kearny Mesa.

There was live, hot action when this monster machine drove through the streets, running over anything in sight, smashing cars, RVs, telephone poles, you name it.

Many police cars chased the army vehicle through the destruction. In an almost Hollywoodesque turn of events, the tank sped into the highway, trying to flee it’s pursuers.

Finally, the M-60 got stuck when it tried to climb the highway divisor, and the police had no choice but to neutralize the mad driver on the spot.

Could you imagine what the insurance companies might have had to say when the car/property owners arrived the next day to turn in their claims! “Yes. My truck was run over by an army tank, and according to this clause, I’m entitled to…”


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