Valentine’s Day Love Video Special | 5 Romantic Cartoons To Warm Your Heart

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Love candiesValentine’s Day is upon us, and everyone is thinking about love. Whether you believe the day’s a commercial waste of time, or look forward to spoiling your beloved, or simply bemoan your single status there’s no escaping this holiday.

Personally, I love any time where romance is at the front of our minds. So in honor of Valentine’s Day I’ve put together this collection of cute animated videos all about love.

Disney Style Romance

When it comes to animated romance, no one does it better than Disney. From handsome princes and princesses to adorable animals, they’ve always showed us true love conquers all. This is a gorgeous look at some of Disney’s classic romantic moments.

Heartbreaking Eskimo Love | “Love is an Arrow” Music Video

Of course, true love doesn’t always run smoothly. I teared up watching the film clip for “Love is an Arrow” by Aberfeldy. I thought the song referred to Cupid’s arrow that pierced the hearts of these super-cute Eskimos. But love is an arrow because it hurts!

Cool Body Art Cartoon | How We Met

This is one of the coolest animations I’ve seen because it uses human bodies as a canvas. Really, for a cartoon about love it makes perfect sense. This is very cleverly done, and completely heartwarming. We all needed that to get over the Eskimos right?

Cynical Don Hertzfeldt Cartoon | Ah, L’Amour

This video’s a bit cynical, but I’m sure the guys out there will agree with me that it’s also quite accurate! I have to admire our hero who continues to politely proposition women no matter how much they crush him. Will his persistence be rewarded with true love?

Awesome Flip-Book Animation | Making Love

After the cynicism of the last video I figured I should end on something warm and fuzzy. The French are some of the most romantic people in the world, so it seems fitting to end on a French cartoon. While the animated characters in this video are falling in love, the people turning the pages are doing the same thing!

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