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Do you get sick of watching the same one-sided news over and over again on TV? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to sit around the TV and wait for the latest political news?

If this sounds like you then Veracifier is your solution. It is one of the most updated political channels on YouTube that provides daily blogs that present the news as it should be, without “pouring out opinions by the pound”.

This has to be one of the most professional video channels I’ve ever seen. For God’s sake, what video blog do you know that has a public phone number? (It’s 1-888-841-7549 by the way). Veracifier dubs itself the “CSI of news” due to its fiercely independent and original journalism views provided by thousands of volunteers.

Aside from the numerous daily highlighted news rips (at least 1 every 4 hours), TPM (short for Talking Points Memo) also provides a daily video blog to help you make sense of all the political mayhem at the end of the day.

TPMtv: Super Tuesday Status Update

This is yesterday’s update about the Super Tuesday status. Today’s video blog will soon follow. As stated at the end of this update, TPM will be counting down the results live on their website

[Veracifier on YouTube]

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