Posted in: Animals and Pets, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Cool Tricks & Pranks, News and Video On Demand by Lauren Katulka on August 26, 2010

I’ve seen a few rabbit shows in my time, but none quite like this show in Denmark. Rather than focusing on the most beautiful bunny, this comp puts their jumping skills to the test.

I expected to be underwhelmed by this video, but I was shocked by the athleticism of these bunnies. They can really jump! That might seem obvious, but until you’ve seen one clear a tall jump in one graceful bound you’ve never really seen a bunny hop.

It might seem like you don’t need to watch all three minutes and 40 seconds of this video, but make sure you don’t turn it off before the long jump. ‘’m not sure I could jump as far as this sporty little rabbit does!

This is definitely a video that combines sweetness and skills.

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