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Professors Strike Back

All college students know that is a must if you’re looking for any kind of opinions from your peers. As an undergraduate myself, I know that a teacher’s score is a huge factor in deciding whether or not to take their class.

But students aren’t the only ones looking at On mtvU’s show “Professors Strike Back”, the teachers themselves get to respond to those good and not-so-good comments.

The teachers aren’t holding back anything in this show. As Professor Tabatabai says, “The types of students who leave negative remarks on are the real sh*t-heads.” Ouch. But he does have some merit to that.

Due to RateMyProfessors loose restrictions, literally anyone with access to the internet can give a professor a bad score. If I were a teacher I’d get equally angry if some random neighbor wanted to take some frustration out on my reputation.

Professor Saviano Responds

Professor Saviano, an English professor from Honolulu, responds in this video. Some of you may be confused about the “chili pepper” joke. Chili pepper symbols are only awarded to those teachers who are rated “hot”.

You can catch 24 other previous minisodes of “Professors Strike Back” on mtvU’s website.

[’Professors Strike Back’ Website]

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