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Watch 107 Adventure Time Facts Everyone Should Know Video

Watch 107 Adventure Time Facts Everyone Should Know Video

“It’s difficult to describe Adventure Time. It’s a series of stories about a young boy and his loyal dog searching for adventure, but set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic war, of which a magical world emerged from the ruins.

“It’s a show I can watch with my 4-year-old son, one we both genuinely enjoy.

“It manages to capture our attention together, each 11-minute episode telling an exceedingly simple tale, but set in the context of an ever-expanding universe and mythology.

“Adventure Time started with a deceptively simple concept – Finn (the human) and his canine companion Jake (who can stretch his rubbery body into any form imaginable), would set off and get into trouble together.

“Their primary antagonist was the comically villainous Ice King, who wished to capture and forcibly marry Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom.”

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