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Watch A Million Ways to Die in the West Movie Review Video

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Watch A Million Ways to Die in the West Movie Review Video

“Seth MacFarlane let his ego get the best of him as he produced, helped to write, directed and stars in the new film, A Million Way to Die in the West.

“The idea had possibilities. It’s Arizona in 1882 and sheep herder Albert Stark (MacFarlane) is a misfit. He hates the west and all its violence. His girlfriend dumps him when he walks away from a gun fight.

“She takes up with the slick and wealthy man-about- town played deliciously by Neil Patrick Harris.

“Albert’s best friend is a nerd whose girl friend is a prostitute and what our hero really wants to do is get out of town and move to San Francisco.

“The heavy in the plot is played by Liam Neeson who abuses his girlfriend when not robbing stage coaches.”


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