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Watch Anime Online With AnimeTome | All Your Favourite Manga Cartoons For Free

Anime is one of those love and hate mediums of entertainment, with lots of people completely devoted to it, and many others wondering what the fuss is about.

I personally belong to the former, being a big fan of some of the more well known series, so being given the chance to watch anime online, for free, and in one place, is a virtual Godsend to me.

AnimeTome is a one stop shop for all anime fans needs, with plenty of series and episode links to the more mainstream, as well as some of the more obscure ones.

A Great Anime Hub

If you want the chance to watch anime episodes – AnimeTome provides a great service for fans who can’t gain access via more traditional means.

The site itself is nicely laid out, with no confusing strands of links, and layers of dross to cut through to get to the good stuff.

Instead, you get picture links to the big named anime series, and text links to the whole slew of series available via the site.

Embedded From External Sources

I say via, rather than on, because AnimeTome itself does not host any of the many series or episodes, instead grabbing the embed code from other sources, and just providing a central domain for anime fans to bookmark.

This is a legally grey area to choose to operate from, because while not actually breaking copyright laws themselves, the owners could be accused of promoting illegal activity, as the owner of TV Links found out a while back.


I’ve bookmarked Anime Tome, as even though I was sent the link for this review, I’ve enjoyed the content so much, it’s rapidly becoming one of my most visited websites online.

If you already watch anime, either on the few Western TV channels which show them, via the expensive, and sometimes hard to source DVDs, or online, Anime Tome will have something for your viewing pleasure.

[Anime Tome]

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