Watch Australia’s Much Feared White Tailed Spider Documentary Video

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Video contains spiders (duh) and lots of gross picks of skin conditions.

“In Australia, almost everyone knows someone who knows someone who’s suffered horrible side effects from this spider’s bite.

“Tales of White Tailed Spiders as flesh eating monsters first became common after the 1980s, when media reports linked the bite from the White Tailed Spider to a severe form of skin ulceration, known as Necrotic Arachnidism.

“Unpleasant, painful and difficult to treat, the medical problems are real, but was the White Tailed Spider unfairly fingered as the culprit?

“These thumbnail-sized arachnids are nomadic hunters, so they’re often found in houses looking for their prey – perhaps that’s why their bites have been blamed by so many, for so long.

“This 2004 story from ABC-TV’s Catalyst program followed what happened when researchers began to investigate this modern Australian legend. ” – YT


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