Kevin Spacey spoofs his own show, “House of Cards”, in a sketch for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I never knew this man could be so naturally comedic! But then again, he was a perfect pick for the movie “Horrible Bosses.”

“It’ll put Anthony Wiener in a pickle, and he’ll tweet that pickle.” Great lines. Good acting. Who’s he trying to be, some congressman? Which raises the question, why isn’t he one?

While I’m on that train of thought…Political PORN!? Don’t make me puke! Let’s talk about something else instead like how Netflix doesn’t work. Hey, good point! But, Fun Fact: it still has more customers than HBO. How is that possible???

So I’m guessing we can all agree that Kevin Spacey is a brilliant actor with a grade A class act performance. He made The Correspondence Dinner sound appealing and “A colonoscopy would be cooler than that dinner.” Well said. No to mention, I didn’t even know he had a show called “House of Card,” but he succeeded and making me want to check it out.

You win today, Spacey.

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