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Watch Awesome La Flair Hurdles Through ‘Ultimate Tag’ Course Video

Watch Awesome La Flair Hurdles Through ‘Ultimate Tag’ Course Video

Now this is some sport stuff I could get into watching.

“If Ultimate Tag sounds like a crazy version of everyone’s favorite childhood game, well, it is.

“Hosted by JJ Watt and his NFL star brothers TJ and Derek, the show pits three male and three female contestants against a set of “pro taggers” who chase them around an obstacle-filled field.

“If one of the pro taggers takes off a flag that’s Velcroed to the contestant’s jersey, that’s considered a “tag”.

“The contestants are all accomplished athletes, but the pro taggers, who go by pro-wrestling-style names like “Banshee,” “Bulldog,” “Geek,” “The Iron Giantess,” “The Atomic Ant,” “The Flow” and more, are extremely skilled parkour artists, gigantic bodybuilders, agile freerunners, and other athletic puruits that allow them to easily vault and climb over the obstacles.”

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