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Watch Awesome New ‘Hellboy’ 2019 Final Movie Trailer Video

Watch Awesome New ‘Hellboy’ 2019 Final Movie Trailer Video

“Lionsgate has unveiled the final trailer for “Hellboy,” Neil Marshall’s reboot of the comic-book series first brought to the silver screen by Guillermo del Toro.

“Replacing Ron Perlman as the eponymous Cambion is “Stranger Things” star David Harbour, with Milla Jovovich and Ian McShane co-starring in this take on the “Darkness Calls,” “The Wild Hunt,” and “The Storm and the Fury” storylines.

“The project wasn’t exactly riding a wave of goodwill when it was first announced, as fans of del Toro’s first two entries in the series — not to mention everyone involved with making 2004’s “Hellboy” and 2008’s “The Golden Army” — have long wanted the Oscar winner to complete his own trilogy.

“Marshall is no slouch, however, having previously directed “The Descent” and two acclaimed “Game of Thrones” episodes: “Blackwater” and “The Watchers on the Wall,” the latter of which earned him an Emmy nomination.”

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