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Watch Awesome New ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Official Netflix Trailer Video

Watch Awesome New ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Official Netflix Trailer Video

I couldn’t be more excited about this. Yeees!

“In 1987, host Robert Stack informed and frightened a generation as host of the series “Unsolved Mysteries.” Using both re-enactments with actors (including a pre-fame Matthew McConaughey) and Stack’s sonorous voice, viewers were told two stories a week, ranging from murders and abductions, to the reunification of families, to supernatural examinations of haunted houses and ghosts.

“Every week I watched, I’d be frightened — and inspired that I, too, could help solve a mystery. The series changed networks and timeslots before being canceled in 2002; Robert Stack passed away in 2003.

“A short-lived reboot hosted by Dennis Farina ran from 2008 to 2010. The afterlife has been kind to the original show; there was a syndicated run Lifetime; it is available on PlutoTV; updated episodes are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.”

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