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Watch Awesome Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Commercial (Video)

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Watch Awesome Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Commercial (Video)

Don’t fight. See why now’s the time to switch to the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920: Engadget Reader’s Choice Smartphone of the Year. That’s not really what I care about but for all you nerds. Go get one.

Get ready for what may be the best photos and videos you’ve taken with a smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 920 brings Optical Image Stabilization, 8 MP PureView technology, and incredible photo and video software—all to Windows Phone 8.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 is the overall best Windows Phone 8 handset on the market today. But that accolade comes with a couple of caveats, including a size and heft that many will find off-putting. But you get used to it, and the pros absolutely outweigh the cons.

The 4.5-inch screen is suitably enormous and the 768 x 1280 screen (or what we might call HD+) is gorgeous. The big deal with the Lumia 920, of course, is the 8.7 megapixel camera. Here, we find the single best camera on any Windows Phone handset, and by a wide margin. Plus, As anyone who owns a Lumia (800, 900, 920) can tell you, these devices are solid: Solid from a build quality perspective, solid from a reliability perspective.

Software-wise, of course, the Lumia 920 shines thanks to both Windows Phone 8—the superior smart phone platform—and Nokia’s amazing range of exclusive apps. Simply put, besides the size, what’s not to like about it?

Make the switch:

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