The new installment is getting closer in its epic release. Are you ready to throw down with some new video game consoles made more shiny and special by this mega hit first person shooter!? You better be.

We’ve seen the reveal trailer, and now the team behind Call of Duty: Ghosts is pulling back the curtain and providing a look at the game’s robust next-generation engine. In the video you’ll see direct comparisons between characters pulled from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 — which pushed the limits of current-gen consoles, according to Infinity Ward — and those from the upcoming Ghosts.

Infinity Ward says each sequence in the clip is running in realtime on its latest engine, though obviously not on a production Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Yes, the “Call of Duty dog” (which has already inspired its own parody Twitter account) is also seen here, serving as yet more evidence of the improved visual fidelity gamers hope to see in their living rooms later this year!

Ghosts will hit stores on November 5th.

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