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Watch Borgia Season 2 Now On Netflix – Video Trailer [HD]

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Watch Borgia Season 2 Now On Netflix – Video Trailer [HD]

Now streaming BORGIA, Season 2. This R-rated series follows the corruption, betrayal and intrigue suurounding one of the most powerful families of the Renaissance. Watch on netflix now!

Borgia (also known as Borgia: Faith and Fear) is a French-German historical drama television series created by Tom Fontana. The show recounts the Borgia family’s rise to power and subsequent domination of the Papal States during the Renaissance. Lately this has been the new up and coming series with a fanbase rivaling in swarming numbers “The Tudor” fans.

Borgia debuted in North America via Netflix on 2 October 2011(season 2 released on 1 May 2013) and in Israel on yes Drama and yes Drama HD on 22 October 2011. It was since renewed for a second season, which premiered on Canal+ on March 18, 2013.

The series chronicles the rise to power of this Spanish Cardinal and his clan, who would seek to establish a dynasty that would hold sway over the entire world. Though a man of faith, Rodrigo was also in thrall to the pleasures of the flesh. Not only did he have to deal with the plotting and conspiracies of his fellow cardinals and the representatives of the great powers, but he was locked in a struggle to contain the bitter sibling rivalries that threatened to tear his family apart. The series shows the lives of the Borgia as a cauldron of intrigue, violence, murder, lust, politics, faith, incest, betrayal, and redemption.

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