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“One of my all-time comedy heroes, Rik Mayall has died this morning at just 56 years old.” – Yt

“Rik Mayall was the King of Crude, the Rumpelstiltskin of Rude. No one – except perhaps his longtime writing and acting partner Adrian Edmondson – could spin smut, filth, grubbiness, indecency and the downright wrong into more delightful comedic gold.

“Children begin life obsessed with their bodily fluids and emissions, and delight in the simplicity of slapstick, but most grow out of it, or at least pretend to be more sophisticated.

“Rik Mayall never lost the sense of how that stuff could shock adults, and shock them even more when they believed he should know better. He did of course; that’s why it worked.”


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