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Watch ‘Captive State’ Official Movie Trailer Video | Coming March 2019

Watch ‘Captive State’ Official Movie Trailer Video | Coming March 2019

Oo, this looks pretty good.

“Ashton Sanders stars as Gabriel, a Chicago teenager living on an Earth occupied by a powerful race of aliens.

“His parents died years back attempting to escape Chicago, and his older brother Rafe became a martyr in a guerilla movement against them.

“His father was a cop whose former partner, William Mulligan (John Goodman) keeps an eye on Gabriel, but also suspects he might be involved with an ongoing rebellion.

“But while their relationship is in early focus for the film, it also shifts to take in the movements of the remaining resistance against the aliens.

“The film feels like it was made for the current cultural moment: as the aliens exploit Earth’s resources, a handful of human collaborators have become rich and powerful by selling out to their new masters, and a permanent underclass struggles to survive.”

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