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Watch Disney’s ‘Upside-Down Magic’ Official Movie Trailer Video

Watch Disney’s ‘Upside-Down Magic’ Official Movie Trailer Video

“Disney Channel Original Movies have been a family staple since Tiger Town first premiered, and 2020 isn’t breaking with tradition despite the current chaotic state of the world.

“After giving the musical crowd a treat in Zombies 2, the House of Magic is now bringing in the fantasy crowd with Upside-Down Magic.

“Starring newcomer Izabela Rose as the plucky misfit Nory and Siena Agudong (Netflix’s No Good Nick) as her put-together best friend Reina.

“The two young girls arrive at Sage Academy ready to strengthen their friendship and their love of magic, but soon find both tested by the school’s unfair classification system and rigorous training program.

“Based on a Scholastic book series by the same name, the film explores relevant themes like equality and loyalty.”

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