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Watch ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Jeremy Jahns Movie Review Video

Watch ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Jeremy Jahns Movie Review Video

“By fusing an unexpectedly elegant screenplay with visually splendid craft — not to mention upping the ante on the gnarly, taboo genre thrills depicted — Don’t Breathe 2 more than justifies its own existence.

“It creatively leapfrogs over the original 2016 film, serves as a ferocious calling card for debut director Rodo Sayagues (who co-writes with original director Fede Álvarez), and reminds adult moviegoers the power of seeing some fucked up shit in a movie theater with other fucked up adults.

“Norman, the Blind Man (Stephen Lang, outstanding), is no longer our shadowy antagonist lurking among the margins of the frame, ready to defend himself from our protagonists invading his home.

“Instead, he’s our central character, and maybe our “protagonist” — though I’d hesitate to call him “our hero,” either from a moralistic or a narrative perspective.”

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