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Watch ‘Don’t Let Go’ Movie Review Video | Just My Opinion

Watch ‘Don’t Let Go’ Movie Review Video | Just My Opinion

“Movie magic has the power to give a hopeful spin to a murder mystery, and Jacob Estes’ somber thriller “Don’t Let Go” harnesses the elasticity of cinematic time to allow Detective Jack Radcliff (David Oyelowo) to fight for the life of his beloved niece Ashley (Storm Reid) after her brutal murder.

“The time-traveling investigation is indeed optimistic, but in reality and execution, it’s just magical thinking wrapped up in a fussy, overly convoluted plot.

““Don’t Let Go” is often frustratingly obtuse. Writer-director Estes doesn’t overly explain or hand-hold the audience through this quasi-supernatural, disbelief-suspending story, but a few anchors to reality would have helped root the story in place, offering real stakes and investment in the time-warp tale.”

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