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Watch Fanmade ‘High School Musical 4’ Movie Trailer Video

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Watch Fanmade ‘High School Musical 4’ Movie Trailer Video

“[The real] High School Musical 4 is well underway and we’re gearing up to meet a new crop of East High Wildcats when the DCOM eventually premieres.

“While stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale — who played brainy Gabriella and meanie Sharpay, respectively — have said they didn’t plan to reprise their iconic roles in the new movie, some superfan decided to do it for them.

“On Tuesday (August 22), Facebook page called High School Musical 4 shared the fake trailer for Once a Wildcat from hsmutube’s YouTube page.

“Though the original video was posted late last month and only racked up 3,000 views, the video on Facebook already has over 4 million views and hundreds of thousands of shares.

“Needless to say, fans want THIS (fabulous) movie to happen, and they want it now.”

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