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Watch Fun New ‘The Croods 2’ Animated Movie Trailer Video

Watch Fun New ‘The Croods 2’ Animated Movie Trailer Video

Okay, so two movie trailers in one day, but 1. I didn’t know they were making a second one and 2. it’s super cute.

“The first trailer has arrived for long-awaited sequel The Croods 2: A New Age, heading to screens around seven years after the release of the first film.

“We reunite with the first prehistoric family as they embark on a search for a new home. It looks like their hunt may be over when they discover an enclosed paradise, only to learn that it belongs to another family: the Bettermans, who appear to be much more “modern.” Their differences are clear, but they’re all going to have to put them to the side if they’re to survive new threats.”

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