Watch Funny ‘Frozen’ Explained By An Idiot Video | Hilarious Plot Summary

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Welcome to yet another channel I didn’t know I needed in my life.

I enjoy this channel so much. It’s definitely not politically correct in a number of ways in a number of videos.

But wow. I never thought I would enjoy someone telling me about a movie I’ve already seen so much.

Especially when he calls out the logic faults in movie plots. It’s so ‘just saying’ that I find it hilarious.

“Don’t have time to see this movie? That’s fine i gotchu bruh here’s a recap.

“Already saw it but fotgot some of and too lazy to watch it all again? That’s fine i gotchu bruh here’s a recap.

“Just saw the movie but wanna see some youtube videos about it? That’s fine i gotchu bruh here’s a recap.

“welcome to the world’s best worst recaps.
Enjoy.” – YT

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