Posted in: Animated Video, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Computer Gaming and Video On Demand by Jaime McDougall on September 21, 2013

Because running around and causing mayhem isn’t quite fun enough without some crazy cheat codes.

“Everybody’s played Wii Sports Bowling, right? Now imagine the bowling alley being the sky, the pins being cars and the bowling ball being… well, Franklin.

“For our latest GTA 5 cheats video, I challenged Simon to a round of Sky Bowling, propelling Franklin 20,000 feet into the air to see how many cars we could hit on the way down. But do we manage to hit any…?

“To see how we do (spoiler: not very well) check out the video above for GTA 5 bowling calamity, and don’t forget to check out our previous videos…” –

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