Posted in: News by Jaime McDougall on April 25, 2013

Jenna Marbles wants to share what she’s awesome at because she feels it’s important, as a confidence thing, to know what you’re awesome at.

She’s also really awesome at writing random YouTube video descriptions.

“Hey hey marbles is gay and he loves boys so much and he wags his tail all excited when he sees the boy doggies and he gets his little nose all up in their peepee weewee thing thing and is like why i am i always the smallest meeble in the doggy park?

“And he gets sad for like maybe one millisecond but then he remembers how much straight fuckin swag he has and he turns his little butt around into the dog’s face and is like, sniff that motherfucker, that’s what a real man smells like…” – YT

And that’s not the whole thing. Because the whole thing was nearly 500 words.


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