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Watch Funny ‘Troop Zero’ Exclusive Feature “Selling Cookies” Video

Watch Funny ‘Troop Zero’ Exclusive Feature “Selling Cookies” Video

I’m not usually sold on one clip alone… but I think I need to check this one out.

“It’s 1977 in Wiggly, Georgia, and Christmas Flint (moppet extraordinaire Mckenna Grace) is pining for a purpose.

“The nine-year-old lives with her widower dad (Jim Gaffigan), who everyone calls “Boss Man,” in something like a rural, commune-like trailer park.

“She has a reputation around school as a weak-bladdered “Wetsy Betsy,” which doesn’t make her the most popular kid there.

“And like a lot of her fellow misfits — the Bowie–obsessed boy next door (Charlie Shotwell), the born-again Christian with an eyepatch (Bell Higginbotham), the bully (Milan Ray) who really has a heart of gold, and her thuggish muscle (Johanna Colón) — Christmas catches a lot of shit from the hoity-toity kids in town.”

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