Wanna see a tale of what it feels like when facebook comes and changes things around again? Then look no further cuz these guys know what it’s all about. They must be facebook junkies.

Some info on the guys who made this:

EXTREMELY DECENT is a sketch comedy group based out of Los Angeles, CA. Their popular videos include “The First Honest Cable Company,” “Gollum vs. Smeagol Rap Battle,” “A Canadian Mugging,” and “Mind Readers.” They specialize in taking silly situations very seriously. Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE and check back for a new video every Tuesday!

I still remember when the new facebook layout came to fruition which was disturbingly alarming and everyone decided to lose their skivies trying to come to terms with the new updates. Some people even deleted their facebooks due to that whole mess. Seriously guys, it was not that serious.

If you care so much about your privacy, chances are, you don’t or else you just wouldn’t have a facebook account. Most people who have anything interesting to say on there sound like wannabe activists anyway but aside from those chums, I dig those funny vids n pics! Go America!

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