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“Emmy winner Jake Hamilton travels to the set of WARM BODIES to become a zombie extra and talk with the stars and director — Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry and Jonathan Levine — only on JAKE’S TAKES!” – YT

“Its main star may be a dead guy, but Summit’s new release Warm Bodies exhibited nothing but life in its first day at the box office.

“The zombie-themed romantic comedy (zom-rom-com?) easily topped the chart on Friday with $8.7 million. Last year, the teen superpower adventure Chronicle earned $8.6 million the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday and finished the frame with $22 million.

“Since Warm Bodies, which is based on the popular novel by Isaac Marion, already has a built-in following, it’s likely that it will be more frontloaded and finish the weekend with about $20 million.” –

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