Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News Videos & TV, Politics and Video On Demand by Jaime McDougall on August 2, 2012

“An uproar over recent comments made by Chick-Fil-A’s COO against gay marriage clearly offended many of the LGBT community.

“It has resulted in a nationwide protest.

“However, one local group organizer said the protests planned outside Chick-Fil-A restaurants across the US has little to do with COO Dan Cathy’s beliefs, but rather who the company supports.” – YT

Completely unrelated, but this is the first time I have actually heard Chick-Fil-A pronounced and realised I’d been saying it wrong in my head all along.

This is definitely a sticky situation to say the least. While the LGBT community thinks it’s wrong, doesn’t everyone have a right to their own opinion?

And to spend their money as they please?

I don’t agree with Chick-Fil-A because I believe in equal marriage rights, but I honestly don’t think this protest is going to hurt the company.

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