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“Google honors Julius Richard Petri with a real growing doodle. Julius Richard Petri was a german bacteriologist and invented the Petri dish, as you can see 6 ones in the doodle. Can you see the Google logo chars and colors? They grow as 6 bacteriological cultures.” – YT

“If you haven’t checked today’s Google Doodle, grab some disinfectant wipes and check out this birthday homage to German microbiologist Julius Richard Petri, creator of that eponymous laboratory staple known as the petri dish.

“This Google Doodle lets you watch gross-looking cultures of bacteria grow out of six petri dishes that take the place of Google’s logo. Each dish’s microbial inhabitants come from a different source: Smelly socks, a doorknob, a dish sponge.

“The nastiest culture by far comes from a dog’s mouth, but be warned: The computer keyboard seems to come in second place.” -LA Times

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