Watch Harry & Meghan ‘Embarrassed’ That NY Car Chase Footage Proves Them ‘Wrong’ Celeb Video

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“Two unwelcome imports arrived in New York this week.

“You may have heard about Harry and Meghan’s big night in the city.

“Accounts of their time here differ.

“According to the couple themselves, they suffered the ordeal of a two-hour, “near-catastrophic” car chase with paparazzi tailing them all the way.

“According to other sources (including the NYPD and the driver of the taxi the couple changed into to look humbler), the truth was rather different.

“The fact is we didn´t need the authorities to tell us that.

“Every New Yorker knows that any kind of car chase — let alone a two-hour one — is literally impossible in this city.

“You can sit in traffic for two hours, sure. But actually racing through the city?”

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