This guy does a mean impersonation of California’s Governor! It will have you repeating lines in a silly attempt to get somewhere close to the skills this guy has as he drives with the voice of one of this country’s biggest stars. “This looks like a movie set! Alien space station maze.”

Some of these lines are just priceless given this is what we daydream that old terminator to actually sound like. “We’re in Canada. After you ehhh.” Or the ironic following quote, “Eh, I’m pulling you over. It’s hilarious cuz it’s really the other way around.”

See, Reese Witherspoon didn’t make it to the b.a. status that the Governor achieved and so, her quotes aren’t nearly as awesome. You can’t forget a face that stone cold. He’s damn near looks like a modern day king of the barbarians!

The only difference really is, he’s also a machine, school-teacher, assassin, and whatever the hell else he wants to be because he’s ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!!! “Nintendo es ticito. Hah! I’m so good at Spanish!”

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