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Watch hilarious Condom Snorting Challenge! | Source Fed (Video)

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Watch hilarious Condom Snorting Challenge! | Source Fed (Video)

So yes, we are surrounded by fools because the condom challenge has just become the newest youtube trend. What is it exactly? Kids post videos of themselves snorting condoms and pulling them back out through their mouth. It’s been around since October apparently but wow, let’s stop being MORONICAL.

I mean, yes, so it’s a trend. But by doing something this stupid makes you just as stupid. And she’s right, condoms do have a specific purpose and that’s for ” stopping you idiots from procreating and spawning more of you stupid condom snorting people.”

What this lady is saying is right. Let us all put our brains together and stop trying to get famous on Youtube through heinous methods. It’s just preposterous. It’s ass-haberdashery! It’s mornical, as black RObert Downy Jr. would describe it.

So why don’t you find those kids who did this and spam the hell out of them until they cry. Maybe that’ll teach them a lesson. Or make them pussies. Who cares about kids these days anyway? They’re all on drugs!?

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