Welcome to Late Night Everybody! Yes, this is a big weekend. It’s Cinco de Mayo!!! So tomorrow (Jimmy said it perfectly) don’t be surprised if you wake up wearing a saddle or crotch-less cowboy pants. Soooo check out this new Iron Man 3 trailer…

Exciting! CGI rules. But this was the funniest part of it all. New York with their public transportation bans people over 260 lbs from riding their bikes. They must be so… ambivalent. Ah, that is the right word isn’t it. “Totally wanna go on that long bike ride…uh, freakin’ rules.”

As for those pesky hitchhikers, has no one seen that hilarious movie “The Hitcher?” This is probably the only case where profiling is actually a good idea. Keep an eye out for an ax!

Then of course, banning things and Obama passing bills. Let’s see what he has to say about the Cinco de Mayo holiday:

Statement by the President in Honor of Cinco de Mayo:

“Today we honor the victory of the Mexican people in their fight for freedom at the Battle of Puebla 151 years ago. On Cinco de Mayo we celebrate the contributions and heritage of Mexican Americans and we recognize the strong cultural, familial, and economic ties that bind the United States and Mexico.”

There’s more but….you can read this little bitty on your own. Have fun tonight! Be safe.

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