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Watch Jeremy Jahns ‘Toy Story 4’ Movie Review Video

Watch Jeremy Jahns ‘Toy Story 4’ Movie Review Video

Internet cookie for you if you spot the glitch in the matrix that happens in this review…

“There are those of us (myself included) who would argue that the first three Toy Story episodes stand as the finest trilogy in Hollywood history, and for us Toy Story 4 was a nerve-wracking prospect.

“Nine years ago, Toy Story 3 seemed to be the perfect farewell to a perfect series, so another instalment was about as welcome as a moustache and sunglasses painted on the Mona Lisa.

“We needn’t have worried. It’s clear within minutes that the new cartoon, directed by Josh Cooley, will be as gorgeously animated and as generously sprinkled with jokes as Pixar’s best work, and any lingering misgivings melt away in the warm glow of seeing Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and the rest of the loveable, misfit gang back together.”

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