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Watch Jon Stewart Calls Rand Paul ‘Scallywag’ & ‘Ragamuffin’ News Video

Watch Jon Stewart Calls Rand Paul ‘Scallywag’ & ‘Ragamuffin’ News Video

“A month and a half after Jon Stewart’s impassioned, damning speech to Congress went viral, the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund reauthorization bill was passed by the Senate on Tuesday. The fund will help first responders pay for health care through 2092. President Donald Trump is expected to sign the bill on Friday.

““I think we can all agree I’m the real hero,” Stewart quipped during a speech on Tuesday, flanked by New York senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer, and several first responders. “This has been the honor of my life to work with the men and women behind me.”

“Stewart also mentioned several of the first responders by name, including firefighter Ray Pfeifer, John Feal, and the late Luis Alvarez, who died in late June after testifying before Congress with Stewart.

“He spoke just one day before undergoing his 69th round of chemotherapy.”

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