Watch Jon Stewart Takes Over Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Desk Video

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“There are so many things that make this election season one without precedent.

“Why, then, has a faction of late-night punditworld responded with a reversion?

“Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert resurrected his satirical “Stephen Colbert” character, and then, last night, he invited the retired Jon Stewart to take over his Late Night desk for a classic 10-minute Daily Show rant.

“The biggest shock: The routines have felt vital and fresh, not mere nostalgia bait or retreads.

“The reason for the throwback to golden-years Comedy Central fake news probably lies in politics itself.

“Stewart’s and Colbert’s original heydays were during the George W. Bush era; their entire personas are based not on indiscriminately satirizing the entire world’s absurdities but rather the particular absurdities of America’s right wing.

“…Colbert’s retitled program this week conveyed his glee at the prospect: “The 2016 Trumpublican Donational Conventrump Starring Donald Trump as the Republican Party* *May Contain Traces of Republican.””

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