Watch LOTR HD Indie Movie ‘Hunt For Gollum’ | 40 Min Short Reaches 1 Million Views

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It’s been almost 6 years since the last Lord Of The Rings film was released; almost an eternity for fans waiting for the next Hobbit movie in 2011. The gap was so big, apparently, that a handful of impatient (and skillful) indie filmmakers got together to produce a LOTR fan movie.

This isn’t some shoddy home video of nerds fooling around in Halloween costumes, but rather a high definition treat.

So just how far can a bunch of dedicated fans and $5000 go? A lot further than one would expect. To recreate Middle Earth, most of the shots were done on location in N Wales. To top it off, costume, make-up, visual, and sound effect teams also pitched in.

Since it’s online release on May 2, the film has been spreading like fire and now clocks over 1,000,000 online views. In regards to potential copyright infringement, the director has issued this statement:

“We got in touch with Tolkien Enterprises and reached an understanding…as long as we are completely non-profit then we’re okay…They are supportive of the way fans wish to express their enthusiasm.”

Watch “The Hunt For Gollum”

Here we have the full 40 minute feature. If you would like to see a different quality version, one with subtitles, or the behind the scenes extra be sure to visit the official site by clicking the link below.

[Official “Hunt For Gollum” Website]


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