Watch Monkeypox Has Been Declared a Global Emergency ABC News Video

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“Thousands of cases of monkeypox have been reported from several countries where the virus isn’t endemic, including in Australia.

“Amid a COVID-19 surge, health experts are urging the federal government to keep a watch on monkeypox as cases pop up across the country.

“What does monkeypox look like? How is it contracted, and can it be cured? Here’s what we know.

“What does monkeypox look like?

“The disease causes a rash that turns to lesions filled with fluid or pus.

“Lesions look like the blisters you see with chickenpox, but larger.

“They typically start in the head and neck region rather than centrally in most patients, according to Department of Health information.

“The number of lesions varies from a few to several thousand.”

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